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 Let us make your family tree or help you create your own using the most helpful and up to date technology.

Producing and editing graphic and narrative presentations of your family tree.My Family Tree
Researching additional family members and connecting them to the family tree.
Adding pictures and relevant documents, testimonies, etc.
First steps in creating the family tree includes:
Hands on assistance by telephone or in the client’s home.
Involvement of family members in researching and building the family tree. 
Updating and adding information.
Inviting family members to join the on-line family tree.
Merging family trees and branches.
Integrating photographs, testimonies, documents and video clips.
Assistance in expanding existing family trees.
Locating additional family members and linking them into the family tree.
Creation of digital files for backing up.
Saving the digital file by using the most advanced existing standards (GEDCOM).
Back up file can contain up to 100,000 family members and tens of thousands of documents and photographs.
Updating the Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem with additional family information.
Consolidate your family tree into Beit Hatfutsot's Digital Database System.
Creation of printed family tree history in the most clear and detailed manner.
Our experience includes
·          Locating and identifying over 11,000 individuals.
·          Preparing and updating over 270 different family trees.
·          Working with most of the existing computer programs for managing family trees.

We can help you outline your family history, create a family tree and locate relatives you did not even know existed.

Together let's continue the Chain of Generations... Kav HaDorot

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