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You have lived a full life and reached this day… isn’t your life a story worth telling?

Don’t you wish to share your aspirations, thoughts, feelings, hopes, disappointments, adventures and the interesting people who have crossed your path?
By writing your personal biography you will be able to present your version of the events to your family members, to describe intimately the people who were dear to you, and to bring back some of their memories, their traits, their values and the ways they influenced your life and gave it meaning.
Writing your memoirs gives you an opportunity to walk your path again and revisit milestones, trying to connect the dots and see how one decision influenced another, how your life was entwined with historical events and how it fit into the story of your family… creating one full mosaic.
We offer you the chance to meet Ethel, a warm and professional historian, for a series of conversations, which will turn into a story worth telling. Your life story.

We can help you outline your family history, create a family tree and locate relatives you did not even know existed.
Together let's continue the Chain of Generations... Kav HaDorot

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