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The perfect family gift:
Creation of printed family tree history in the most clear and detailed manner.

Impressive blend of documents and research with family tree, family photographs, family stories, stories of the local life, recipes, and other local flavors and scents… 

The information gathered from family sources, can be produced in numerous languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German. 

It is produced as a digital file of high graphic quality, allowing for clear and sharp printing.

  The Oderberg* family (example)

·       More than 200 pages documenting the Oderberg family through the generations
·       All the descendants of the father of the family (1784 - 1856)
·       More than 450 family members who are "blood relations"
·       More than 200 families worldwide who have been located through social networks and family websites
·       More than 140 family pictures posted by family members on various websites
·       More than 350 dates related to the family's history
·       More than 350 websites worldwide containing information about the family's history
·       A clear and detailed presentation of generations of family roots

v    The perfect family gift
v    A wonderful birthday gift for parents
v    A souvenir gift on the occasion of a death anniversary
v    A wonderful gift for family reunions


Personal Order:
Basic Sections:
·       Name and photo on the cover page
·       Dedication and greetings
·       Personal life story
·       Family stories
·       Stories of the old home town
·       Smells and tastes - recipes
·      Chart of descendents and chart of ancestors example
·      Description of family connection example
·      Family picture album example
·      Index of places related to family history example
·      Index of dates in the family history example
·      Alphabetical index of all family members example

 * The Oderberg family is one of more than 270 Eastern European families whose origins have been researched by Kav HaDorot.
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