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David Berger

This excerpt is displayed in the data bank of "Yad Vashem" in Jerusalem. This resource contains millions of testimonies, millions of pages written by our forbears with trembling hands. 
Many of them did not tell their stories to the next generation, perhaps from a wish to forget or to protect. Despite their silence they want us to remember. Our parents' will can be found in the pages of witness, a will to life.
They want us to remember all the details of their lives: the grandparents we never knew, the names of their brothers and sisters, where they lives, what work they did, their appearance and where they were killed or died. 
We are here to carry out the legacy of our ancestors, to remember them and to continue the chain of generations - Kav HaDorot.

The perfect family gifts: 
Life Story
The Complete Kav HaDorot
 Shlomo's postcard
You have lived a full life and reached this day… isn’t your life a story worth telling?
We offer you the chance to meet with us for a series of conversations, which will turn into a story worth telling - your life story... more
Creation of printed family tree history in the most clear and detailed manner.
Impressive blend of documents and research with family photographs, family stories, stories of the local life, recipes, and other local flavors and scents…more
Our experience includes:
  • Locating and identifying over 11,000 individuals.
  • Preparing and updating over 270 different family trees.
  • Working with most of the existing computer programs for managing family trees.

We can help you outline your family history, create a family tree and locate relatives you did not even know existed.

Together let's continue the Chain of Generations... Kav HaDorot
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