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"Looking for relatives of children who had survived the Holocaust, I got in touch with the Central Zionist Archive in Jerusalem, which holds documents on Jewish emigration and runs courses in Jewish genealogy. They put their top man on the job, Gidi Poraz, who is an expert in tracing people."
- Alex Last, BBC News, UK

"It is said that Gidi Poraz is Israel’s number one historical detective. He himself says that he has an advantage over government institutions. “I don’t stop searching even if the matter appears to be a lost cause from the outset."" 
- Karolina Przewrocka, TYGODNIK POWSZECHNY, Poland

"Gidi Poraz began to search and reached out to an acquaintance at the USHMM. He asked curator Teresa Pollin to find Linda Blair's phone no. and call her."
-  Linh Tat, NorthJersey.com, USA

"Gidi Poraz, formerly in high-tech and currently a family-history detective, is the man responsible for getting to the bottom of Tamara’s family saga." 
- Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, Israel

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