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Gidi Poraz, formerly in high-tech and currently a family-history detective, is the man responsible for getting to the bottom of Tamara’s family
saga. Research he did last year revealed what many others had failed to discover
Tamara Berkowitz sits in her small house on Kibbutz Nir David in the Beit She’an Valley, tears in her eyes. “I was so lonely my entire life. Suddenly I find out I have such a large family. Not large − enormous!” she says. “It has made me very emotional.”
Her tears, however, are not tears of joy. “It’s a terribly sad story. I think about them, about how we could have met. It’s hard to describe,” says Berkowitz, 85. 
The lost branch of the family tree, found after the Holocaust Ofer Aderet HAARETZ Jun, 2013
Gidi Poraz, a kind of history detective specializing in tracing lost family members, recently found Tikotzky's daughter, who is 80 and living in Tel Aviv, and she told him she still had a crate full of letters in Yiddish left by her mother after her death. Some of the letters, Poraz believes, are those sent by Poland's Jews to their relatives here on the eve of the war, perhaps their last farewells before they were slaughtered by the Nazis. Just before hell engulfed Poland, a Tel Aviv family returning from a family trip brought back to a box of correspondence to deliver. More than 70 years later, some of the letters are still unopened. Farewell Letters, Written as the Holocaust Closed In, Still Await Delivery in Tel Aviv Ofer Aderet HAARETZ Aug, 2013
The “genealogy detective” Gidi Poraz, says: “Sometimes the tombstones have a whole life story of previous generations, and an entire family tree can be created.” Poraz, who is an expert at locating lost relatives in Israel and abroad, says that sometimes the solution to a decades-old family mystery is right there on a forgotten grave marker.  The 120 people who gathered in the Holon Cemetery two weeks ago were in a good mood, despite the venue. They had not come to inter a relative or to visit a grave. Rather, equipped with smartphones and a purpose-built app, they had come to take part in a first-of-its-kind project in Israel. Genealogy startup aims to log all 200,000 gravestones in Israel's largest cemetery Ofer Aderet HAARETZ Dec, 2014
Tova Ehrlich knew only that she and her cousin in the States shared the same maiden name, Lasocki. Gideon Poraz began to search and reached out to an acquaintance at the USHMM. He asked curator Teresa Pollin to find Linda Blair's phone no. and call her.    After Likda Blair's father died more than 15 years ago, she thought she had no living relatives except her children. But then came the call from the Unitrd States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM): Tova Ehrlich, a first cousin in Israel, was looking for her.  Fort Lee woman, 70, reconnects with family, meets cousin for the first time. Linh Tat NorthJersey.com Mar, 2015
The genealogist Gidi Poraz advises Sephardi families wishing to investigate their roots in order to establish a link with Spain to begin with archival research here in Israel. 
Since Spain’s government announced plans to offer citizenship to descendants of Jews exiled by the Inquisition, genealogy has become increasingly popular in Israel.

The Israelis Going in Search of Their Spanish Roots

Ofer Aderet
Anyone who has any information on Matti Greenberg’s parents, Mieczyslaw (Mietek) and Cyla Wajnsztajn (Weinstein), who lived at 17 Chlodna Street in Warsaw, then on Walicuw Street in the Warsaw Ghetto; or on the family of attorney Yaakov (Yolesh, Yolek) Kamieniecki, who was Antonina Liro’s first husband, who moved to England, and who may be a relative of Greenberg’s parents; or about the descendants of Anna Nakson from Haifa, who in 1957 provided testimony to 'Yad Vashem' on Greenberg’s father – please contact: Gidi.Poraz@KavHaDorot.com Wanda Bulik, then a 17- year-old Polish girl, took in a Jewish boy of three in 1943 and raised him as her son until after the war. He grew up to be IDF Col. (res.) Matti Greenberg, who last month went to her funeral. A Righteous Gentile and the Israeli colonel she saved Ofer Aderet HAARETZ May, 2015
I got in touch with the Central Zionist Archive in Jerusalem, which holds documents on Jewish emigration and runs courses in Jewish genealogy. They put their top man on the job, Gidi Poraz, who is an expert in tracing people. He organised an online community to help with the search, which grew from 20 volunteers to more than 600 in the space of three weeks - and they found details of six of the children, both in Israel and the US, including Fela Katz, and Sala Landowicz. After World War Two, the BBC attempted to find relatives of children who had survived the Holocaust - they had lost their parents but it was believed they might have family in Britain. Seventy years on Alex Last has traced some of those children and found out what happened to them. Tracing the children of the Holocaust Alex Last BBC News May, 2015
It is said that Gidi Poraz is Israel’s number one historical detective.
He himself says that he has an advantage over government institutions. “I don’t stop searching even if the matter appears to be a lost cause from the outset. At government institutions it is possible to request specific documents. If they are present, you can view them freely without charge. But no one will take you by the hand, no one will tell you where to continue your search in the event that nothing turns up in that particular archive. 
In Israel there is a handful of genealogical detectives, and the demand for their work is tremendous. As the last witnesses are passing on, families are searching feverishly for their loved ones. The footprints usually lead to Poland. Discovering the Footprints of Past Generations. Translated from Polish Karolina Przewrocka TYGODNIK POWSZECHNY, Poland Aug, 2015
Duda’s family tree, drawn at Haaretz's request by the genealogist Gidi Poraz, fully reveals the Polish president’s Jewish connection. It could explain his statement at the end of one of his speeches in Jerusalem: “By today we cannot know how much Jewish blood flows through Polish veins.”
The Jewish roots of the first lady, the daughter of the half-Jewish Polish poet Julian Kornhauser, are no secret. But the fact that the first wife of her grandfather Jacob was murdered in the Holocaust with their son is not widely known. The fact that Duda has relatives in Israel will certainly surprise many Poles.
All Mothers in Israel Are Polish Ofer Aderet HAARETZ Jan, 2017
A decade ago, Gidi Poraz, an electrical engineer from Moshav Bitzron, learned that he was one of the heirs to a property in the Polish city of Lodz. “It’s a palace that my great-grandfather built, located on the city’s main street,” he told Haaretz. “It was assessed at $12 million.” In the Polish land registry files, Poraz found the records of the building, proving its connection to his family, but then he discovered he still had a long way to go until early retirement. “The Poles require that you produce all the heirs to a property, as well as prove that the ones who disappeared during the Holocaust are no longer alive,” he explained. 
Nili Goldman 63, a graphic designer from Ramat Gan, was also smitten by the charms of historical sleuthing in the wake of family research. Her father once told her an exotic story centered on a relative who “went to Peru, married an Indian woman and had 17 children.
Greater access to archival sources online is encouraging more people, both amateurs and pros, to seek solutions to previously uncrackable family mysteries The Art of Amateur Genealogy: Historical Detectives Dig Dirt-free Under Jewish Family Trees Ofer Aderet HAARETZ Apr, 2017
With the help of Israeli genealogist Gidi Poraz, I located Dimson’s husband on Facebook and informed him that a pendant belonging to a forgotten relative of his wife had been found.
For a decade, an Israeli archaeologist and his Polish colleague have excavated at the Sobibor death camp, removing some 70,000 objects from the blood-soaked soil – including a pendant belonging to a girl born just after Anne Frank. Who was that girl?
Ofer Aderet
From a perusal of various archival documents, located by genealogists Nili Goldman and Gidi Poraz – “historical detectives” who specialize in deciphering such mysteries – we learn that in the summer of 1948, an 11-year-old Hasya began her journey from Europe to Israel, via Germany and France. 
She survived the Holocaust, lived on a kibbutz, helped to produce ‘The Godfather,’ and finally found satisfaction as a follower of the guru Osho. Her role in the hit Netflix documentary is merely a cameo, but Françoise Ruddy lived a life worthy of its own miniseries
'Wild, Wild Country': Meet the Holocaust Survivor and Archnemesis of Ma Anand Sheela Ofer Aderet HAARETZ May,

  Polish Articles

May, 2015 HAARETZ Ofer Aderet Dziewczyna z Polski uratowała życie płk Greenbergowi   Wanda Bulik, siedemnastoletnia Polka, wzięła w 1943 roku trzyletniego żydowskiego chłopca, którego rodzice przemycili z getta, wychowywała go jak matka i uratowała mu życie. W ubiegłym miesiącu, płk w stanie spoczynku, Matti Greenberg, towarzyszył Sprawiedliwej Wśród Narodów Świata, Wandzie Bulik w jej ostatniej drodze.  Jeśli posiadacie Państwo informacje o rodzicach Mattiego Greenberga: Mieczysław (Mietek) + Cyla Wajnsztajn, którzy przeprowadzili się z ulicy Chłodnej 17 w Warszawie na ulicę Waliców w getcie, lub o rodzinie adwokata Jaakowa (Julek/Juliusz) Kamienieckiego, pierwszego męża Antoniny (Niny), któremu przypuszczalnie udało się z początkiem wojny opuścić Polskę i który był krewnym Wajnsztajnów, lub o potomkach fotografa, Henryka Prośniewskiego, mieszkającego przy Chłodnej 17, którego żona prawdopodobnie fotografowała przyjęcie z okazji narodzin Tolka Wajnsztajna w lutym 1940, proszę napiszcie do Gidiego Poraza -  Gidi.Poraz@KavHaDorot.com
Aug. 2015 TYGODNIK POWSZECHNY, Poland Karolina Przewrocka TROPICIEL PRZODKÓW Detektywów genealogicznych w Izraelu jest garstka, a popyt na ich pracę ogromny. Gdy dchodzą ostatni świadkowie, rodziny gorączkowo szukają bliskich. Tropy zwykle wiodą do Polski.
Gidi Poraz to ponoć numer jeden wśród prywatnych detektywów enealogicznych w Izraelu. 
On sam mówi, że ma jedną przewagę nad państwowymi instytucjami i rchiwami: – Nie ustaję w poszukiwaniach, nawet jeśli sprawa zapowiada się beznadziejnie. W archiwach państwowych możesz prosić o konkretne dokumenty. Jeśli się znajdą, otrzymasz bezpłatny wgląd. Ale nikt nie
poprowadzi cię za rękę, nie powie, gdzie szukać dalej, jeśli w tym archiwum nic się nie znajdzie. Czasem, gdy rodziny słyszą, że w jednym archiwum
nic nie ma, rezygnują z dalszych poszukiwań. I żyją dalej w poczuciu straty – gdy Poraz to mówi, w jego słowach pobrzmiewa echo własnej historii.
Mar, 2016 TYGODNIK POWSZECHNY, Poland Karolina Przewrocka KOCHANEJ MAMÓSI Córka Matiego Greenberga twierdzi, że w jego ratowaniu brali udział Polacy oraz anioł, który został w pracy po godzinach.
Gidi Poraz, izraelski detektyw genealogiczny, do którego zwróciła się Jael [pisaliśmy o nim w „TP” nr 31/2015 – red.], początkowo nie chciał zająć się sprawą. Wtedy Jael przesłała mu list, który ojciec otrzymał w 1995 r.(dziś Gidi pokazuje list w prezentacjach dla kolegów po fachu: jako przykład sprawy,
w której od jednego skąpego dowodu, kartki papieru, można dojść do rzeczy wielkich).
May, 2018 TYGODNIK POWSZECHNY, Poland Karolina Przewrocka - Aderet CISI SPRAWIEDLIWI Lista Sprawiedliwych wśród Narodów Świata liczy niemal 27 tys. nazwisk, w tym prawie 7 tys. polskich. Nie jest zamknięta. Problem w tym, że instytutowi Yad Vashem brakuje ludzi i środków, aby ich szukać.
– Szukanie rodzin jest czasochłonne i trudne – mówi Gidi Poraz. – Z łatwością odnajduję nazwiska Żydów, bo wiem, jak dotrzeć do baz danych. Ale z poszukiwaniem np. polskich rodzin jest znacznie trudniej. Dzwonię, piszę, jeżdżę do urzędów z małych miejscowości, przeszukuję archiwa, pytam na forach. Ale jest prawo o ochronie danych osobowych, nie mogę po prostu zbierać tych nazwisk, nie mając np. pozwolenia sądu.
Gidi: – Wówczas, w październiku 2016 r., poprosił mnie, abym złożył w Yad Vashem wniosek o przyznanie Zofii i Stanisławowi Pszkitom tytułu Sprawiedliwych. Bardzo szybko do tego doszło. Zaczęliśmy szukać ich rodziny. Trwało to ponad rok i było skomplikowane. Maile z informacją o Pszkitach rozsyłałem po całej Polsce. Wreszcie udało mi się ich odnaleźć.

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